Join our Team!

We are looking for Business Developers for the English (US and UK), Spanish (LATAM), French and Italian markets. If you speak at least 2 of these languages don’t even think about it for a moment, join our team, send your application! Here is a short description of the job:

The Mission:

Develop, manage, and consolidate the Network of Partner Clients operating in specific sectors in which we specialize. (The role involves remote work)

Main Activities and Goals to Achieve

  • Develop and Consolidate 25 to 30 new partners in the first year of activity.
  • Contact profiled leads who have requested more information provided by the company or leads actively sought by the individual.
  • Offert them in a 15-day trial period after which they will be confirmed.
  • Manage reporting with the partner.

Analyze and Identify new profitable vertical markets.

  • Conduct telephone interviews to delve into purchasing dynamics in specific markets.
  • Perform market analysis and research.
  • Test new vertical markets

Skills and Characteristics Sought:

  1. We are Looking for an Efficient Person.

We are a young company without excessive structure, offering maximum flexibility to our collaborators in terms of days and hours. We believe it is essential that the person can operate efficiently without being subject to close control by us.

  1. Honesty and Integrity.

Honesty and integrity are two of the pillars on which our company is founded. Failing to adhere to these principles results in the immediate suspension of the collaboration.

  1. Organizational and Planning Skills.

You must be able to organize your activity precisely and punctually, as the activity is carried out remotely (home, your office, wherever you prefer).

  1. Sales and Long-Term Relationship Building.

Although the position does not involve any push sales activities, like cold calling, you must be able to sell and engage the partner, convincing them to test our service. The sale will take place on its own during the trial period that the client can do without any commitment.

Our model does not envisage a one-shot relationship with the client but the building of an ongoing relationship, in some cases weekly, marked by calls, WhatsApp messages, emails, sending reports. Therefore, you must be able to establish a relationship and collaboration based on mutual trust.

  1. Persistence and Tenacity.

Not everything will always be rosy, so persistence and tenacity are necessary to not get down in difficult times or moments when immediate results are not seen. You must believe in the development process.

  1. Proactivity and Attention to Detail.

You must act without needing someone to tell you every time what to do and how to do it. Moreover, the role requires the person to actively contribute with new ideas and interesting insights. You must be detail-oriented in both development and reporting with the partner.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability.

This role does not involve any “office hours,” time cards, or forms of control over the actual time dedicated to the activity. We give maximum trust to the person and avoid quantitative checks on the “hours worked.” There will be busy days and days of almost total calm, due to managing partners and/or the period in question. You must be able to cover “multiple roles” in the initial development phase, thus being able to adapt to the situation and context you find yourself in.

  1. Enthusiasm and Work Ethic.

This is not a “traditional job”; it gives you the utmost freedom of time and space. You can work from home, the beach, the mountains, while traveling, wherever you prefer, as long as you have an internet connection. If this isn’t enough, know also that there are no oppressive hierarchical structures in the company, and finally, last but not least, you will be an essential figure in the company and not an interchangeable element like in any other job.

In light of this, we are looking for an enthusiastic person who transmits enthusiasm, is positive but not naive, who has energy and the desire to grow with us.

Of course, given the flexibility and opportunity provided, we require impeccable work ethics, meaning the willingness to work hard when needed without watching the clock, focusing on achieving the set goal rather than the fact that it is Saturday, Sunday, or any kind of holiday in the country you reside in.

  1. Listening Skills and Openness to Dialogue, Different Ideas, and Constructive Criticism.

Listening skills are essential, both in understanding the tasks to be carried out and in the first contact with the leads to be contacted, not to mention the relationship with the partner. Sometimes a word said by the partner hides a world behind it. You must be open to dialogue with the team and partners, ready to listen and evaluate ideas different from yours and accept frank and honest evaluations about your work and be able to live with and process even sometimes criticism positively.

Additional Information The compensation will be composed as follows:

Base Salary + Customer Activation Bonus + 10% on collected.

Any expenses to be incurred related to business development will be financially supported by the company.

If you have always wanted to work independently from any part of the world, without office hours and bosses stressing you out, this is the right opportunity for You.